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Currie Group goes “above and beyond” with Rapid Labels install


Print 21

Thursday, 28 November 2013

By Nicholas Pond


The install replaces a second-hand HP Indigo 4500 that Rapid Labels picked up as a digital stepping-stone two years ago. Running a conventional press-house, from a Mark Andy P7 to a Gidue M5, Rapid Labels dipped its toe in the digital waters and found the Indigo filled up the work almost immediately, as well as expanding the business into new areas. With customer demand exceeding expectations and capacity, the food and wine label specialists turned to the Currie Group to handle the upgrade.


Speaking with Print21, David Power, general manager, Rapid Labels, said, “We’re floored by the thing. It’s an absolute beauty. It changes the way you think about label printing. It went in over the weekend, and down to the amazing support from the team at Currie’s we were up and running in no time. It’s the best install they’ve ever done.”


Approaching a peak period for the business, management at Rapid Labels were understandably cautious about a full-scale install, but Power is quick to praise the hard work and dedication of Currie Group’s ANZ labels and packaging division general manager, Mark Daws and technician Phil Watt.


“They’re a great team, switched on guys. They’re the reason we’re manufacturing in November. It’s a busy time of year, and we’re flat out. We can’t afford to be out of action for too long. The 4500 was taken out on the Thursday, the WS6600 went in over the weekend and we were up and running live jobs by midday on the Monday. They really went above and beyond,” says Power.


Power adds that with the extra speed of the WS6600, any lost time was caught up by the end of the day. The press increases throughput by as much as 33% on most colour jobs with its Enhanced Productivity Mode, and by 25% when adding white ink, achieving recognisable Indigo quality with greater savings and an increased turnaround. It can produce up to 130 linear feet per minute in colour, and up to 196 linear feet in one or two colour mode.





According to Power the quicker turnarounds not only takes the pressure off meeting customer deadlines, but also frees up Rapid Labels to reinvest the energy and time saved into customer service and support.


“Now there’s not much we can’t do. It’s only been in for a few weeks but it’s already exceeding expectations. There’s a mix of new digital jobs, and some conventional work that we’ve transferred over to digital because it’s a better match for the runs. We had a fair bit of work that we felt was more suited to digital which we can now get through in half the time,” he said.


The WS6600 offers a crossover point in narrow-web high-volume production, compared with analogue, for the majority of pressure-sensitive label jobs. It provides high resolution and registration, and the broadest digital colour range, using up to seven ink stations, achieving up to 97% of the Pantone gamut with on-press simulations or an off-press ink mixing system.


Established in 1982, Rapid Labels has grown under the management of Power and managing director Sean Kennon to operate a team of 35 employees across three factories.


“The best install they’ve ever done.”

Dave Power, general manager, Rapid Labels

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