9% of beverage sales come from new product innovation. This encompasses extended and new brands.

In 2017 alone,13,000 new brands were launched. Only four of those brands will hit more than $100 million, so there is a place for short-run digital printing aimed at a targeted audience.

At Rapid labels we have state-of-the-art digital printing technology short run sector of the market, this combined with our conventional printing technology for the higher volume sector and a hybrid Inkjet machine, which combines the two technologies giving our customers the complete solution for any print run size.

“Beverage labelling is all about shelf appeal and today’s brand owners are trying to capture a certain look. With only seconds to persuade potential customers, the labels on bottles and cans are just as important as the liquid inside. “With a goal to stand out as much as possible at the point of sale, brand owners are seeking labels with special effects that give the perception of quality, such as varnishes, textures, the ‘no label look’ and specialty inks, in addition to vibrant, colourful labelling solutions.”

Rapid labels have a huge range of samples highlighting some of the amazing effects please contact our friendly team to find out more of what we can offer you to make your product have that extra shelf appeal.

As sustainability becomes more of a presence in the labelling Beverage supply chain, there will be an increased use of recycled and recyclable materials. Top material choices will include PET, bioplastic and thicker reusable glass. “Sustainability is important, and certain adhesives allow for resource optimization, we offer some great options

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