Peel And Reseal Labels

Peel And Reseal Labels

Many industries are required by law to print extensive product information, such as nutritional facts, ingredient lists, usage instructions, cautions and side effects, among others, onto their product packaging. A packaging designer’s nightmare! How does one include all that information without ruining the packaging design? You’ve guessed it! A simple peel-and-reseal label does the trick.

There’s great savings potential in peel-and-reseal labels. They can save money on printing, packaging, shipping, … Just think about it! Regulations change frequently and peel-and-reseal labels make it easy for manufacturers to adapt, reducing turnaround time and minimizing the risk for non-compliance. No more problems with double inventory and additional paper inserts for compliance language!

Peel-and-reseal labels are great for creative marketing campaigns that aim to increase customer response and brand interaction through cross-promotion. Just think of a peel-and-reseal label as ad space that’s already been paid for. Now imagine a food company that sells both sausage and cheese products. That company could easily use the second layer of the peel-and-reseal label on their cheese products to promote their complementary sausage products, and vice versa.

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