Liner recycling:
Glassine paper
  • Glassine has long fibres that are desirable in the paper recycling process
  • Whilst the paper is not recyclable in Australia, Raflatac’s RafCycle process now offers a viable recycling solution preventing tonnes of glassine from ending up in landfill
  • Silicone is removed from the glassine and used to generate power within the paper mill
  • Recycled Glassine Paper will have at least 7 more lives as is used for high quality magazine paper
  • Recycled pulp maximises the number of trees available for other uses
Our Footprint on the Planet

We use resources efficiently and act on climate change to preserve our environment for future generations.


We aim to achieve economic growth whilst engaging in Sustainable procurement practice and protecting the ecosystems.


We will use resources more efficiently, be mindful of our carbon footprint and make conscious efforts to reduce and offset our emissions.

PET Liner
  • PET liner recycling pilot trials are underway
  • Aim is to recycle the PET in Australia
  • Recycled Products are high quality consumer packaging which can be recycled many more times
Label & Package Compatibility
  • In line with 2025 Australian National Packaging Targets, labels matter when considering package recyclability
  • Correct label selection can enable the entire package to be recycled as one:
  • Paper and fibre based packaging should be labelled with paper labels
  • Glass packaging should be labelled with paper labels or wash off labels to enable the broken glass cullet to be effectively colour sorted for resupply to glass furnaces
  • Plastic packaging, in particular high-density polyethylene and low-density polyethylene (HDPE & LDPE) and polypropylene (PP) should be labelled with like films, in particular PE and PP
  • PET packaging should be labelled with wash-off label stocks, like UPM Raflatac RW85C adhesive, to enable the recycled PET flake to be free of label contaminants.
  • Post-consumer recycled (PCR) content in packaging is becoming increasingly important, as it is essential that recyclate has viable end markets to enable a circular economy. UPM Raflatac Vanish™ PCR range of clear, white and silver PET films now contain 90 percent PCR
  • Products relating to our key sustainability elements of Reduce, Recycle & Renew are
  • Reduce is our UPM Raflatac RAFNXT+ product range made with paper originating from 100 percent certified forests
  • Recycle – UPM Raflatac SmartCircle™ Wash-off labeling solutions
  • Renew is UPM Raflatac Forest Film, the industry’s first wood-based PP film, produced from UPM BioVerno™ naphtha.

You can read more about all of the above products and UPM Raflatac’s holistic approach to sustainability at:

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